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Supporting Students with Handwriting and Keyboarding: The Role of OT

Melbourne | 12th & 13th Nov. 2019

This interactive two-day course, presented by occupational therapist, Rebecca Spokes, is being hosted by Yarra Ranges Kids Therapy. The workshop will investigate the transcription skills of drawing, handwriting and keyboarding that school students encounter every day. The workshop will provide therapists with:

  • an overview of the complexities and typical development of drawing, handwriting and keyboarding;

  • an overview of the classroom expectations for handwriting and keyboarding skills and how to effectively support teachers and students.

  • the opportunity to investigate different tools for

    the assessment of handwriting and keyboarding skills including classroom/clinical observations and standardised assessment tools.

  • different intervention strategies to support students in developing proficient transcription skills.

  • an understanding of the the specific learning disorder in written expression (otherwise known as dysgraphia), including identification and intervention strategies.

For more information, about the venue and accomodation deals please contact Bec Fitzgerald from Yarra Ranges Kids Therapy on 0490 511 979.

For information about the course, contact Rebecca Spokes here 

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